MedTech Holdings Limited Group, which was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
in 1997, is a diversified group of companies engaged in the manufacturing, marketing
and distribution of health, hygiene, beauty, and pharmaceutical products.

The Group consists of retail, manufacturing, distribution, and services business units.

Retail comprises retail outlets in Harare and Bulawayo. The division has 2,400 lines
and specializes in Gifts, Books, Crafts, Toys, Kitchenware, Home Décor, Furniture and
Wedding/Festivals supplies.

Manufacturing comprises a unit based in Ruwa near Harare engaged in the
manufacture of well-known Petroleum Jelly and Glycerine Products. The Distribution
Division distributes the product and also imports significant volumes of personal
hygiene products. MedTech Medical and Scientific Division sources local and
imported pharmaceuticals and distributes these to customers in the healthcare
sector. The Services unit is focused on the maintenance of hospital and laboratory

The Group is a prominent player in the provision, manufacture and distribution, of a
wide range of products for the healthcare and consumer sectors. Furthermore,
MedTech supplies Government and private sector tenders, as well as various
pharmacies, healthcare providers, wholesalers and retailers.

Up until recently, the group operated Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals, a Bulawayo based
pharmaceutical manufacturer. However, we have recently disposed of that business
due to low local demand and business environmental issues.
The Executive Directors and Senior Management are largely responsible for the
implementation of strategic plans, with the Non-Executive Directors being involved
in monitoring the progress of the business, and re-defining the Group’s business plan,
in line with prevailing economic fundamentals.

The MedTech Group legal entities consist of MedTech Holdings Limited and its
subsidiaries, S-MART Agencies (Private) Limited, Zvemvura Trading (Private) Limited
T/A MedTech Distribution (Private) Limited, MedTech Food and Beverage (Private)
Limited, MedTech Education and Laboratory (Private) Limited and MedTech Medical
& Scientific (Private) Limited. S-Mart Agencies (Pvt) Ltd operates the retail business
unit, and Chicago Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd is the Ruwa manufacturing arm.