Medical and Scientific

MedTech Medical & Scientific (Pvt) Ltd (MMS)

A Harare based importer of major pharmaceutical brands from India. The primary focus going forward shall be on the marketing and supply of these pharmaceutical products. Supply to additional markets and sectors will be subject to continual assessment.

MedTech Education and Laboratory & Hospital Equipment Servicing

Although the forecasts for this sector showed significant improvements, these have not been realised fully and are still far from adequate. The long-term potential of this unit remains positive. Although Equipment Servicing income remains subdued due to limited public and private funding into the sector, hospital and laboratory institutions are under increasing pressure to ensure that they maintain their equipment to the highest operating standards. As such an improved performance by the servicing unit is perceived. A key manager has undergone training at Beckman Coulter pharmaceuticals in South Africa, in response to demand in Zimbabwe for such services.

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