Chicago Cosmetics

Chicago Cosmetics (Pvt Ltd)

Chicago Cosmetics (Private) Limited is the manufacturing arm of the Group. Production of petroleum jelly and glycerine currently takes place. Plans are in place to increase the production range to include, hair relaxers, hand and body baths, hand and body creams. We foresee that this division will contribute to employment creation and reduce imports once fully operational. Given that the Clere range will be produced, the plan is to first supply local market and then export.

Chicago Cosmetics (Private) Limited is the manufacturing division of the MedTech Holdings Group which is based in Ruwa. It currently produces and distributes Babyline Petroleum Jelly, Clere Petroleum Jelly and Clere Glycerine. It has recently expanded its operation to also produce Easy Waves and SofnFree Hair Relaxers. These are all under license from our supplier in South Africa.

We are very excited about expanding our operation to include production of liquid soap and body lotions and creams in the near future. Not only will this create employment but will also reduce imports once fully operational.

In line with the MedTech Holdings vision, Chicago Cosmetics strives to “deliver trusted, quality brands into every home”, while sourcing as much of their requirements locally as possible. We strongly believe in supporting our customers and do this through purchasing our packaging locally.

We share the same values and mission as MedTech Holdings :

Our Values:

  • • PASSION for our customers, brands and staff
  • • INTEGRITY in all that we do
  • • COLLABORATION – teamwork, dialogue and respect for all
  • • ACCOUNTABILITY – responsible action at every level
  • • QUALITY – brands, people and action

Our Mission:

Build our brands through consistent world class service delivery and sales support
To build a reputation of supplying ‘value for money’ products
To delight our customers through service and consistency
To create an enjoyable and goal driven working atmosphere by encouraging career advancement
To invest in our people and our community
To deliver return on asset targets and maintain operating margins and costs at world-class levels